Beelog Bananza now over!

Thank you soooooooo much for letting me get 500 hits. It means a lot to me. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anmcc79c9b023756ee6


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Strange Banana Beelog Bananza LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate the last day of the bananza, I found some really strange banana drawings! Vote on which one’s your favorite!

Anna Banana

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Pictures, Beelog Bananza Day 6

Why do my pictures keep coming out so small??????????

Well anyway, today there are going to be pollz for the Beelog Bananza!

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Beelog Bananza Day 6

Picture 37

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Smiley Test

😮 🙂 😦 😀 ;D 😛 😥 >:D

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Elizabeth!!!!!!! And Beelog Bananza Day 5

Elizabeth is coming home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! Anyways……………..
Picture 35

EDIT: IT came out too small to see the words, so check the comments to see what you have to look for…

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Beelog Bananza Day 5

Picture 34

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